Frequently Asked Questions


You can browse this page for some of the common questions we are asked, if you have a "doozy" just give us a call or send us an email.

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what do you use to dry-clean carpets?

Yes, our solutions are a trade secret. They have been researched and developed by the Elite franchise to be a highly effective non-toxic way to clean carpets and upholstery. 

can i come back the same day?

On completion your carpets will be virtually dry and able to be walked on within the hour.

shall i move my furniture?

Although we will move small items of furniture to allow access to greater areas of carpet. We suggest that if you want to clean underneath larger items you will need to arrange that they be moved. Leaving this to us will increase the potential cost of your clean unless already discussed in your quote.


can you clean my mats & rugs?

We can most definately include rugs and mats as part of your carpet cleaning quote or if you are happy to drop your mats to us (and collect them) we have a very reasonable standard price to restore & refresh them.

we have a PET 'accident'!

Keep damp and call us as soon as possible!        

I spilled Red wine! 

Mop up as much as possible, cover with white wine if you have it and call us as soon as possible!