And here are the things we can do for you (our services):


Carpet Dry Cleaning

A Certified Elite Technician is trained to deliver the best Carpet Cleaning Results with the use of our unique cleaning solutions and carpet dry cleaning methods. Carpets are left fresh and usually dry in as little 1 hour - in summer it can be quicker! 

Some of the benefits of using the Elite Dry Cleaning system :

Your carpets will not stretch, split or shrink when dry cleaned.
The backing and underlay never get wet so there is less stress to your carpet.
Our dry cleaning system reduces the risk of damage that over wetting may cause.
You will experience better results.


Upholstery & Lounge Cleaning

We use a combination of our unique cleaning solutions and state of the art cleaning technology to safely clean your upholstery with minimal risk and excellent results.
Most fabrics are cleaned and are ready to be lounged on again within 24 to 36 hours. Our customers are amazed at how well their well loved lounges look and smell after being professionally cleaned.
We also sanitise and clean mattresses.
Our specially formulated Fabric Protection Solution designed to be durable but affordable is made specifically by Elite to keep your lounge protected from spills etc.

Blind Cleaning 

With our Blind Cleaning there are two options available;

Option One: You remove the blinds, deliver them to our premises for an ultrasonic clean that will leave them sparkling then return to collect and rehang after your blind clean has been completed for a discounted fee.

 Option Two: We collect your blinds and take them back to our workshop for an ultrasonic clean that will leave them sparkling. Then return that same afternoon to rehang the blinds for you.

Emergency Flood Restoration

Our Certified Carpet Cleaning Technicians are specially trained to quickly treat water damaged carpets and can bill your insurance company direct.

There's nothing worse for your carpet than water damage. It can happen in so many ways - a flood or storm damage, but also simple things like a bath or washing machine overflowing or a hot water system failing or the the most common a burst flexi hose under your sink. All can lead to your carpets being left wet through and with that terrible musty smell that carpet gets when it's wet.

If you have experienced some flooding in your house no matter what the cause and your carpet has been water damaged, our Elite Carpet Cleaning Technicians are specially trained to treat water damaged carpets. We are ON CALL 24 HOURS as fast action is very important if you wish to treat your carpet before serious damage can occur.

Car & Boat Upholstery Cleaning

We also offer a service where our trained technicians can clean these on site also providing fabric protection to keep your upholstery protected once cleaned.

Carpet and Fabric Protection

Protect and extend the lifespan of your carpets and fabrics with our Elite Carpet and Fabric Protection.

Elite Carpet Protection (or ECP) forms and invisible barrier around each carpet fibre giving you the ultimate protection from everyday spills and walked in dirt and soiling.

Once treated liquid spills are not able to absorb into the fibres, giving you valuable time to clean and remove accidental spills. Dry soiling is also easily vacuumed away giving you a lounge suite that stays cleaner longer.

ECP will remain effective for up to two years depending on usage.

Rugs and Mats

Just as Elite can get your carpets immaculately clean we can do the same for your mats and rugs with our advanced Dry Cleaning System and stain removal products.

 We provide a discounted price when mats and rugs are delivered for cleaning to our premises and collected on completion. 

All mats are professionally vacuumed, cleaned and deodorised leaving them fresh and hygenically clean.