Get ready for the best carpet clean
you've ever had!


Elite Carpet Cleaning uses a proven dry-cleaning process to leave your home or commercial spaces with clean spring freshness. And we are not restricted to carpets alone - we have saved people hundreds of dollars in new furnishings purely by cleaning existing upholstery.


Our Services

We will of course come to you from our Geraldton home base. Within 20kms is free of charge, we can provide you with a quote over the phone or even visit to assess any problems you may have.

What can we Elite clean?

What is 'Dry Cleaning'?

Unlike some carpet cleaning processes (including the kind you can hire at the supermarket) we leave carpets close to completely dry. Our solutions are not toxic or heavily perfumed rather they provide a clean freshness that adds a sense of pleasure to your environment.

How long does it take to dry?

Weekend wonders

Going away for the weekend? Call us on a Wednesday we offer "limited premium'' spots to completely clean your homes carpets, rugs and blinds while you weekend away. For commercial premises it can be more convenient to clean during a weekend to be ready for everyone returning to work on Monday.

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